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Differences between Bosses & Leaders

A Boss vs A Leader:

  • Drives Employees…Coaches them
  • Depends on Authority…Depends on Goodwill
  • Inspires fear…Generates enthusiasm
  • Says, “I”…Says, “We”
  • Places blame for the breakdown…Fixes the breakdown
  • Knows how it is done…Shows how it is done
  • Uses people…Develops people
  • Takes credit…Gives credit
  • Commands…Asks
  • Says, “Go”…Says, “Let’s Go”

Which one are you?  Which one are your growing yourself to be?

Pro's and Con's of Part Time Employees

Having employees that work for you to assist you in growing your business, assisting you clients and getting more done in less time has a price attached.  Since launching my business June 2004, I have always hired part time employees for a number of reasons, which is probably a whole post in itself that IContinue Reading