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Dear Medicare

Dear Medicare,

Do you know why providers don’t want to do business with you? What business has a one hour window that is the “best time” to call each morning? Are you saying you only work one hour of each day? When I call in this one hour window, I still don’t get help. Please help me understand why you would not staff customer service representatives to SERVE your clients all day long. Please help me understand why a minimum 90 minute wait to talk to you is acceptable. Please help me understand why you direct us to your website but the website doesn’t have any information to answer our questions. Please help me understand when the new intermediary took over for the old intermediary why you don’t have access to these files. Please help me understand with the advancement of technology and the ability to do so much online why you haven’t adapted to the year 2014. Please help me understand why we still do business with you…OH, I forgot, you don’t want to know.


A Healthcare Consultant that seriously feels she is losing her passion for what she does!!!!!

CMS Medicaid Payment Rule

CMS held a call on the Medicaid PCP payment rule on Wednesday, December 12, 2012. The following summary of that call. Administrative: They will issue more guidance within a month as Q/As at Medicaid.gov Physician Self-Certification: To qualify for payment physician has to self certify, indeed, but responsive to the many questions they received onContinue Reading

Medicare Pay Cut Averted…again

Doctors can breathe a sigh of relief as a Medicare pay cut of nearly 30 percent is narrowly averted — at least temporarily. On New Year’s Day, Congress approved a “fiscal cliff” bill that includes a one-year delay of the scheduled Medicare pay cut — to the tune of 26.5 percent — due to theContinue Reading

Letter from a Provider: Dear Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

An Oklahoma provider was the first to receive EHR Incentive Program funds from Medicaid.  She shares her story here on a letter she would write to Medicare and Medicaid Services if she could as follows: Dear Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  She would send it, if they would listen.  If they cared.  It is worth reading.Continue Reading

CMS Important Update regarding 5010

With the implementation of Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 Version 5010, several concerns have been identified that may impact certain activities surrounding the transition.  Medicare has published a Guidance and Clarification for Version 5010 Implementations here.

Medicare Participating Revenue Calculations

Physicians & Medical Healthcare Providers  are increasingly having to make decisions as to whether to stay participating in the Medicare program due to continual decreased revenue and the impact of this on the bottom line of their practice with continued increase in operating costs.  The American Medical Association has put out a calculator that will helpContinue Reading

Medicare cuts still Pending

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday rejected a Senate bill that would have averted a 27.4 percent Medicare physician payment cut scheduled for Jan. 1, leaving 2012 Medicare payment rates in limbo. A House-Senate conference committee will now be charged with working out differences between the two versions of the bill. The Centers forContinue Reading