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Verifying Texas Medicaid Eligibility

Each person approved for Medicaid benefits gets a Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card. However, having
a card does not necessarily mean the patient has current Medicaid coverage. You must still verify
eligibility. There are several ways to do this:

• Swipe the patient’s Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card through a standard magnetic card reader,
if your office uses that technology.

• Search for the patient using www.YourTexasBenefitsCard.com, a secure website with a variety
of useful features for Medicaid providers.

• Use TexMedConnect on the TMHP website at www.tmhp.com.

• Call the Your Texas Benefits provider helpline at 1-855-827-3747.

• Call Provider Services at the client’s medical or dental plan.

Important: Do not send patients who forgot or lost their cards to an HHSC benefits office for a paper
form. They can get a new card mailed to them by calling 1-855-827-3748. Medicaid members also can go
online to order new cards or print temporary cards. For instructions, visit www.YourTexasBenefits.com
and click Learn more about the Your Texas Benefits Medicaid card.

HSA Data for 2012

Do you have an HSA?  If you do, you will be interested in knowing the information on the update on your contributions for the calendar year of 2012… For 2012, an individual can contribute up to $3,100 to their HSA, and a family can contribute up to $6,250. Minimum high deductible health plan deductible requirementsContinue Reading