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The Benefits of a Routine

I was raised in my childhood with a routine, actually a very strict routine.  Nothing we did was ever [rarely, if ever], done outside of one.  I believe habits are developed from routines.  Personal, I like a routine and I don’t think its just my personality or training that developed that taste, I believe there are qualities that support it that I am drawn to.

A routine makes me feel like I don’t or won’t forget anything.  It makes me remember tasks and not forget them because after I do one there is another that follows.  It makes me stay focused on all the things that have to be done each and every day.  It makes me make sure I do it the same way each and every time.  It makes me know where I left off when I stick to a routine.

Some days a routine is the only thing that saves me.

You know what I mean?  Ever have one of those days?

The phone interrupts every little thing you try to accomplish.  The computer shuts down when it supposed to be up and running.  The printer jams and doesn’t spit out the job you were trying to get out.  Sometimes so many of these interruptions make you forget what you were doing or trying to do.  A routine sometimes is the only thing that keeps these days anywhere near somewhere on track.  If you don’t have a routine, you are liable to come away with not having even accomplished even the little things, like eat, drink water and take your medication.

A routine usually means you have less wasted time because all efforts are accounted for.  A routine gives prediction to your life patterns of people around you and they create expectations out of your routine.  A routine allows you to plan.

The problem with always sticking to a routine and not throwing a routine out of the window is that you never get to enjoy something a little longer than normal, because you are focused on the routine and the next step.  You never get to do something out of order, because you are afraid if you do you won’t remember the next step or come back to the missed step.  A routine usually means you won’t make a mistake, but is not a guarantee of it.

Are you a person who enjoys a routine?  If not, share with us why.  If you do, then we would love for you to share with us one thing that you have developed to create your routine work for you.

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