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How to create a dedicated link for Business Facebook Pages

Did you know you can get rid of the numbers at the end of your FB Page if you have over 25 followers? So many times, I see Business Facebook pages that do not have a dedicated link.  What do I mean by that?  A link without a code or other letters that do not support your business name.  So instead of www.facebook/yourbusines/130498703278427 it can be just www.facebook.com/yourbusines.  Much easier for telling people your FB page!  It is easy to get one and I want to share for my Entrepreneur friends who have business pages how:

  • Step 1: Go to your business page and on the top right side hit EDIT PAGE
  • Step 2: Click on resources
  • Step 3: Click on Select Username
  • Step 4: Follow directions and enter a name (your business name is what I recommend).  BEWARE:  This can’t be changed once done as it is permanent. Whatever you enter here, only what shows up after the facebook.com/—-.

Go brand yourself!  What other Facebook Tips do you have for your Entrepreneur friends?