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2013 Accounting Tip #6

There are many ways to get organized for taxes. Each person needs to find the way that works for them to ensure that they will stay consistent and current. We will provide you some tips at getting started, you may even find a tip that you like better than your current way of doing things.

When you’re looking for insights into your business spending, don’t forget to properly track what is likely one of your biggest expenses: labor. Whether you’re paying for full-time staff, part-time staff or you’re the only one on the payroll, make sure you’re tracking the costs of wages, benefits, overtime and any other costs associated with labor. By tracking your spending on labor, perks and benefits, you may find you have more money to incentivize your employees — or that you’re outspending your budget.

Either way, doing the math now can help you make better decisions later. Knowing what it costs you to have employees doing work for you, is part of the picture as to whether you are able to grow your business further with your current people or if you will need more people. It is provides a picture as to the profit of your business venture when you know what it costs you to produce in man time hours.

Classics to a Business Woman’s Wardrobe

As a Business Woman, I want to look professional.  I want to be distinguished and classy, but not over the top.  I want to not be so elaborate in my clothing and jewelry that you are distracted and don’t see the fact that I am a servant, there to work for you.  I am notContinue Reading

Hiding from Complaints?

How do you handle complaints about the services your company provides?  How do you respond to the negative feedback?  How do you handle the criticizing remarks that are given? It is something you should consider, if you haven’t.  How you respond to those things tells a lot more about your company then you might think.  NotContinue Reading

Podcast: Get More Done in Less Time

Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.  – Bruce Lee Do you feel you have so much to do and so little time to do it?  Your energy is your most asset.  Our productivity and our happiness suffers when we don’t take care of it.  We have to beContinue Reading