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celebrate freedom

Photo: Thanks to those who have and are serving our country!

Today we Celebrate the work our Veterans have done for us! THANK YOU!!!

Love Your People!

You can do 8 things to improve your business by loving people more: 1. Contribute – be part of the solution 2. Be Kind – have concern & respect for others 3. Be Patient – give others the time you’d like to be given 4. Be Honest – have truthful conversations 5. Encourage other PeopleContinue Reading

Why it pays to say Thank You!

What does Thank You mean to you? Thank You = expressing one’s gratitude or thanks; a grateful feeling or acknowledgment of a benefit, favor, or the like, expressed by words (or otherwise) Do you make it a habit to Thank people for what they do for you?  Do you know that when you make small habits they become a consistent pattern?  Do you Thank people, even in business?  Are you aware of theContinue Reading