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Punctuation is Important

Do you ever stop and think that the way you word something matters?

The other day, I was at a client’s office and they have an interoffice emailing system through their software. An employee had messaged me and asked if they needed to bring lunch or would it be provided at the upcoming mandatory staff meeting. I was a bit perplexed why the question because after two years, we have always provided lunch at mandatory staff meetings. However, I responded:

No. Lunch will be provided.

I had one of the gals in the office order pizza like normal. 10 pizzas for 25 employees.

When I got to the waiting room where we were having our staff meeting, I saw nearly half the employees eating Sonic. I was like, what staff doesn’t like pizza? We always order pizza, I had no clue people didn’t like pizza!

Later in the afternoon, I was talking with one of the Team Leaders and asked why didn’t someone tell me before that people don’t like pizza. She laughed at me and said, no, it was a simple miscommunication. I was like, huh??? Miscommunication? By whom? She explained that my response had been read like this:

No lunch will be provided.

Wow! I had no idea that I needed to rephrase what I wrote for it to be read correctly, though what I wrote had the correct punctuation, it was read as a run on sentence. Ugh!

A lesson to not just think through using correct grammar and punctuation but to think of how it might be read, incorrectly.

Go ahead laugh…we did!

my client says: "I am Snow White"

The other day I made a call to a client to check in, say hi and let them know to be expecting an envelope in the mail from me.  I let him/her know that he/she probably was going to wonder why  I had “resent” paperwork that I previously had sent him/her and I wanted him/herContinue Reading

What Doctors Do.

What do you think your Doctor does?  (click in the box if image does not display)