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Dear Medicare

Dear Medicare,

Do you know why providers don’t want to do business with you? What business has a one hour window that is the “best time” to call each morning? Are you saying you only work one hour of each day? When I call in this one hour window, I still don’t get help. Please help me understand why you would not staff customer service representatives to SERVE your clients all day long. Please help me understand why a minimum 90 minute wait to talk to you is acceptable. Please help me understand why you direct us to your website but the website doesn’t have any information to answer our questions. Please help me understand when the new intermediary took over for the old intermediary why you don’t have access to these files. Please help me understand with the advancement of technology and the ability to do so much online why you haven’t adapted to the year 2014. Please help me understand why we still do business with you…OH, I forgot, you don’t want to know.


A Healthcare Consultant that seriously feels she is losing her passion for what she does!!!!!

Medical & Business Industry Leaders to follow

We get asked frequently on who is a good resource for a Medical Practice.  We have comprised a list [specific in some areas to the State of Texas as that is where our business originates from].  Below is a list that will help you get started if you are working or interested in the MedicalContinue Reading


We pay the Doctor to make us better when we should really be paying the Farmer to keep us healthy. ~ Robyn O’Brien

Dispel Negative Thinking

Negative thinking greatly impacts the cells in your body. Just for today become the ‘watcher’. Notice how many times you ‘judge’, comment or make an opinion that keeps you from moving forward. Once you notice this pattern of ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ you can start to replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmations that will help youContinue Reading

8 Simple Ways to Improve Quality of Sleep

1. Exercise, but not after the early evening. 2. Don’t drink caffeine after 2 p.m. 3. Avoid late night eating or alcohol (but don’t go to bed hungry either!). 4. Don’t use electronic devices before sleeping. They stimulate the brain and the screen light acts like sunlight in the morning. 5. Don’t study, etc. inContinue Reading

Reminder to Immunize your Children

According to the American Medical Association, vaccinations are available for 20 infectious diseases. Vaccines against 10 deadly diseases are recommended for all U.S. children to protect the child and the community where they live. Read the full article here.