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LifePlan Testimonial

It’s been a month since I did LifePlan Coaching with Chris LoCurto.  If you remember, I did a video testimonial the end of the second day.  They asked me if I would do a written testimonial, and I thought I would share it with you, my readers:


In a nutshell, the Life Plan has you evaluate everything you have experienced in your life to clearly understand why you are who you are today.  We tend to get so focused on “pressing on”, so fervently, leaving the past behind, that we do not stop to reflect and let it impact our lives.  I believe the verse and principal of God is a crucial concept to moving forward, but until I accept, acknowledge and address the past I am unable to move forward with freedom.  It’s really hard when your past is ugly, because nobody likes ugly stories, we all want to read, hear and live the good ones.  This is emotionally tough to do but required in order to let God have his perfect work and use this greatly in my life.


I strongly recommend you check into this if you want to grow yourself as a Leader, Entrepreneur, or just personally because you are interested in understanding your life.  Head over to Chris LoCurto’s website and contact him for further information.  He will be delighted to meet you!  Don’t forget to tell him you know me…

Life Plan Coaching Session Day 2

We were to begin Day 2 at 8.30am. Fighting feelings from the 1st Day of coaching and dragging physically from mental and emotional exhaustion, we began Day 2. Before we began, Chris prayed for our time, prayed for him to help me, for me to learn what I needed to, praised God for his partContinue Reading

Life Plan Coaching Session Day 1

Today was the day for my first session of Life Plan Coaching with Chris LoCurto.  Chris has an awesome place, and the view is gorgeous!!! Over breakfast, Chris shared the plan for the day…starting with a diagram of how we face problems…Eastern Culture vs Western Culture.  He said the session would not be information for solutions,Continue Reading