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You can succeed beyond the past, but not beyond your belief.
– Orrin Woodward


The purpose of anger is to let us know that something in our life needs changing and to provide the energy to make a change. – Garrison Wynn

Medical & Business Industry Leaders to follow

We get asked frequently on who is a good resource for a Medical Practice.  We have comprised a list [specific in some areas to the State of Texas as that is where our business originates from].  Below is a list that will help you get started if you are working or interested in the MedicalContinue Reading


We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit. – Robert H. Shaffer

celebrate freedom

Today we Celebrate the work our Veterans have done for us! THANK YOU!!!

Billing Q&A: Covering for a Colleague

In part of our Question & Answer Series, today we address a common question about how to do billing when you are covering for another physician. Q:  If I am covering for another physician and see some of his/her patients during his/her absence, are these patients considered new or established? A:  The CPT guidelines specifically addressContinue Reading


The time is always ripe to do it right. – Martin Luther King, Jr

The Benefits of a Routine

I was raised in my childhood with a routine, actually a very strict routine.  Nothing we did was ever [rarely, if ever], done outside of one.  I believe habits are developed from routines.  Personal, I like a routine and I don’t think its just my personality or training that developed that taste, I believe thereContinue Reading