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Consistency is Key to to Success

You will not gain success over night. In order to achieve results, you have to maintain consistency. You must be intentional with little steps to achieve results. This means that you set out daily steps to achieve the goal. Nothing worth while is done in leaps and bounds. There are days you are going to think no progress has been made, but when you look back over the last month or year of effort, you will see that you have made progress. Consistency is key. You have to have a goal in mind. Once that goal is set, you need to set out what needs to happen to achieve the goal. Then you can be consistent at it. You must consistently take action. Do the things that will bring results. Don’t just sit there, keep moving.

What is one key thing you do to make sure you stay consistent?


Live a life of giving – for a life without giving, will be a life without meaning! – Dr Walid Saade

Lessons Learned from Pool Maintenance

I bought a HUD Home February 2007.  After I moved in, it required some professionals to come in and get it repaired and in working order because the house had sat vacant for so long.  I had never been a pool owner before and so there was much to learn about what is required toContinue Reading


We pay the Doctor to make us better when we should really be paying the Farmer to keep us healthy. ~ Robyn O’Brien

Dispel Negative Thinking

Negative thinking greatly impacts the cells in your body. Just for today become the ‘watcher’. Notice how many times you ‘judge’, comment or make an opinion that keeps you from moving forward. Once you notice this pattern of ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ you can start to replace those negative thoughts with positive affirmations that will help youContinue Reading


Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom – Marcel Proust

a worthy vocation

I have been reflecting on work, specially my career work as an entrepreneur providing Medical Billing, Credentialing, Accounting, Consulting & Training Services to my clients.  What does it mean to be doing something worthy?  When I say worthy, I mean a vocation that is beneficial, has value, is serving?   Growing up, my parents did not wantContinue Reading

Punctuation is Important

Do you ever stop and think that the way you word something matters? The other day, I was at a client’s office and they have an interoffice emailing system through their software. An employee had messaged me and asked if they needed to bring lunch or would it be provided at the upcoming mandatory staffContinue Reading


People who ask confidently get more than those who are hesitant and uncertain. When you’ve figured out what you want to ask for, do it with certainty, boldness and confidence. – Jack Canfield

How do you get physicians to buy into ICD-10?

Each phase is the prerequisite for the next. Acquiring physician “buy‐in” must be accomplished in order to proceed to the planning and implementation phases. Because many physicians don’t know what they need to know about ICD‐10 in order to implement, analyze, and make informed choices, most practices are currently in Phase One: Engaging and educatingContinue Reading