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ICD‐9 AND ICD‐10 Diagnosis Code Format and Differences

ICD‐9‐CM diagnosis codes vs ICD‐10‐CM diagnosis codes

3‐5 characters in length vs 3‐7 characters in length

Approximately 14,000 codes vs Approximately 69,000 available codes

First digit may be alpha (E or V) or numeric & Digits 2‐5 are numeric vs Digit one is alpha & Digits two and three are numeric & Digits 4‐7 are alpha or numeric

Limited space for adding new codes vs Flexible for adding new codes

Lacks detail vs Very specific

Lacks laterality vs Has laterality

Difficult to analyze data due to nonspecific codes vs Specificity improves coding accuracy and richness of data for analysis

Codes are non‐specific and do not adequately define diagnosis needed for medical research vs Detail improves the accuracy of data used for medical research

Does not support interoperability because it is not used by other countries vs Supports interoperability and the exchange of health data between other countries and the United States


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Why do we need ICD-10?

ICD‐9‐CM is outdated, over 30 years old, and cannot adequately accommodate the dramatic advances in medicine and medical terminology. Many categories are full and not descriptive enough. Originally utilized for indexing purposes in the hospital inpatient setting, it was never intended to be part of the reimbursement process. An effective coding system needs to be:Continue Reading

The ICD-10-CM Foundation and Background

Definition of Terms In order to be able to discuss the transition from ICD‐9‐CM to ICD10‐CM, you first need to understand the “language” in which the new coding process communicates. Following are terms you need to know. Important Terms for ICD-10 Covered Entity: Providers, payers and clearinghouses who conduct specific administrative transactions electronically. EDI: ElectronicContinue Reading

How do you help a Team Member that is Hurting?

Have you ever been in the position where you arrived at work to find a Team Member hurting? You can see it in their eyes, their body language, their expression, the mood displayed. How do you approach someone that is hurting to find out how you can help? How do you show you care withoutContinue Reading


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