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Cowtown Netweavers 08.31.2011

Today was a special day at Cowtown Netweavers.  It marks a 1-year Anniversary for me serving as  Board Member for the group!  It has been an incredible experience and I have loved every minute of it.  However, as I move forward in trying to really grow my business, I have come to realize that I can no longer serve in this position and must resign.  I must tell you that it was hard to do, but sometimes we have to refocus are ventures elsewhere!


The topic discussed today was Blogs.  A very interesting topic because it is something I enjoy doing…not only for the benefit of education and helping others, but because I enjoy writing.  I am going to recap today’s meeting highlights:

Blog = web & log to become the term blog

Key Elements needed in a blog:

  • title = attention getting
  • body = 300-500 words, key words that need to be written in it 2-4x’s
  • tag = what the blog is about
Reasons to blog:
  • increase ranks on Google
  • make yourself known as an expert
  • increase awareness on a topic
Do you blog?  Do you enjoy blogging?  How often do you blog?  Any comments or suggestions to my fellow networking friends & colleagues?

Do you let others hinder your plan?

Today, I will take a path different then the normal blog post and am going to write a personal story on my blog…one that I hope will encourage you to be you and follow the direction of giving out of a pure heart to help others. I have been attending networking groups for a yearContinue Reading


“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”  – Jim Rohn

Speaking Engagement ~ Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Event:  Financial Seminar hosted by Armstrong Purselley Wealth Management Group Speaker:  Misty Gilbert  (1 of 4) Toptics To Be Discussed: Understanding your Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s):  What they are and how to read them Deciphering between a bill and a notice, information on statute of limitations and your responsibilities Negotiations with a Healthcare Provider andContinue Reading

Information needed for filing Insurance Claim Complaints

Know Your Claim Filing Requirements Know your contractual obligations, including where to file claims, claim filing deadlines and your fee schedule File claims to the correct claims filing address File claims with carriers in a timely manner File claims using a method that will document when the claim was received by the carrier Keep recordsContinue Reading


“Being a leader is like being a lady, if you have to go around telling people you are one, you aren’t.”  – Margaret Thatcher

What is CAQH?

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CQAH) is a nonprofit alliance of health plans and trade associations, working to simplify healthcare administration through industry collaboration on public-private initiatives.  CAQH’s mission is the improvement of healthcare access and quality for patients and the reduction of the administrative burden for healthcare providers and their staff. Universal Provider DatasourceContinue Reading


“No matter what accomplishment you make, somebody helped you.”  -Althea Gibson

Documents required for Credentialing process

What you will need to begin the Credentialing process: To make this process even easier, we’ve developed the following checklist of items you’ll need to complete the application. Please gather the following information (if applicable) before you begin the online application: Your CAQH Provider ID number (located on the cover letter from CAQH) A previously completed credentialingContinue Reading


“Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional.”   – Mark Sanborn